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At Nexem Staffing, we are dedicated to the well-being of our employees. We offer multiple ACA compliant, comprehensive healthcare plans for employees to choose from. Nexem Staffing also offers other benefits such as holiday pay and 401k programs depending on assignment. We offer direct deposit, safety bonuses and employee of the month bonuses to all eligible employees.


We want our employees to succeed. We offer a variety of on-site skills training and development resources at all of our branch locations. Contact your local recruiter about how Nexem Staffing can help you develop your skills and career!


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Do you want to help your friends and family find the right job? We do too! Current employees are eligible for unlimited referral bonuses at all participating branch locations. Please contact your local branch for more details.

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My family and I have been working with Nexem Staffing for many years now and they have helped us out so much. The girls at the office always make us feel cared for and never like another number.
Personally I recommend Nexem Staffing to all my friends and family seeking work. They have a great hardworking team and are truly putting their best efforts in to finding the right fit for each person. I am truly grateful that I chose the right choice, Nexem Staffing.
Mayra B.
Maxine S.